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Assistant Principals' Messages

2018 Mrs. Emberton
    Mrs. Melissa Emberton
Assistant Principal

It is an honor to have the confidence placed in me to serve as assistant principal of Monroe County High School.  I have truly enjoyed the time I have spent working as a teacher for the past 17 years and am excited about the possibilities the future holds in my role as administrator.  At Monroe County High School, we are charged with helping students become college and career ready.  Regardless if students are going into the workforce or to institutions of higher learning, our hope is that they will be prepared to be productive citizens and make positive decisions regarding their futures. 

I have the opportunity to work with a great staff who truly loves what they do.  I work primarily in the areas of curriculum, assessment and with the professional learning communities.  As MCHS moves toward personalized learning for students, we hope to provide opportunities that may not have been possible in the past.  I am eager to work with students, teachers and parents and thankful to be a part of Monroe County Schools.

Mr. Hamilton      
Mr. Clifton L. Hamilton
Assistant Principal

Monroe County High School: Assistant Principal Message:


I would like to formally express my gratitude for being able to serve in the position of Monroe County High School Assistant Principal.  Please rest assured that I have prepared myself for this opportunity and I have dreamed of fulfilling this leadership role to the very best of my ability.  It is certain that with most new professional opportunities will come a different type of learning curve. Not only am I cognizant of this fact, but I am mindful that learning curves quickly turn straight when a person works hard, is willing to learn from others, and who is dedicated to surpassing their full potential—I will be resolute in my pursuit of eliminating the curve as quickly and as efficiently as possible!  My goal, as assistant principal, is to always keep my students' best interests at heart when making decisions, to never become complacent, and to persistently strive for academic excellence. I will do my part to ensure that that our high school continues to be firmly planted with a faculty and staff that genuinely care about kids and that consider education to be the best vehicle for future triumph.

Modeling the execution of and accountability for my professional obligations, I will expect that teachers also maintain high expectations for themselves and their students.  One of the most important foundations of a school is the presence of dedicated, caring, and passionate educators who always put their students first. To be successful, a school should have one important target—student achievement.  However, I will not forget the ultimate goal of producing scholars with strong self-esteem, high personal expectation, and the willingness to do the right things, no matter the circumstances.  Monroe County High School has been very successful in several endeavors and I want to help lead this rich tradition in the future.  A great quote by Ralph Lauren sums up the relationship between the principal of the school and their vision. He said, “A leader has the vision and conviction that a dream can be achieved. He inspires the power and energy to get it done.”  Ultimately, the power and energy to fulfill a school’s vision lies within a synergistic approach and the unwavering commitment of all stakeholders.  I am ready for this opportunity! I am ready to lead in a new way! I am ready to inspire! I am ready to work hard! I am blessed to be an Assistant Principal of Monroe County High School!  Moving forward, it is my sincere hope and earnest prayer that I prove myself to be the best candidate for this tremendous opportunity!


Clifton L. Hamilton

Assistant Principal

Monroe County High School    





Beliefs & Values


First and foremost, my educational philosophy stems from the belief that regardless of whom an individual is or where they may come from, everyone is capable of and entitled to a good education.  I believe that students should not feel obligated to attend school, but openly welcome the opportunity as a privilege only given to a select few. Ultimately, education is the foundation on which the future goals and dreams of all students are built.  The knowledge gained from education will allow them to pursue a career that will be rewarding in every aspect of the word. The essence of my educational mindset is that learning should never cease—no one is ever above being educated. I have and will continue to motivate students to make the most of opportunities to learn and teach others, while remaining humble during times of great achievement.  


When striving to make the world a better place, it is important that we understand that education is the purest, most rudimentary component to our successful contribution—not only does it function to enhance the world, but it yields positive results for the lives it encompasses.  The giving and receiving perspectives of education help people to exemplify qualities of leadership on a daily basis. Leaders are taught to be strong mentally. Leaders learn to take responsibility for those who admire them and are following in their footsteps. True leaders are trustworthy and strive to see others excel in life.  By these defining qualities, education builds leaders—students who persistently try to improve the world. Good leaders should be credited with making decisions that help their followers become better people and live better lives, but we shouldn’t forget that the ability to do so results from their educated minds. My attitude in regard to education has led me to believe that the closing of one door will, assuredly, lead to the grand opening of another while traveling through this avenue of opportunity.


Ethical Leader


      An effective principal will inspire educators to adhere to expectations and guide students towards their full academic potential.  In the same manner, both principals and the teachers should be consistent as they hold their students to a specific set of rules, procedures and expectations.


Change Agent


      With fewer wasted educational opportunities and more time to get things done, mutual respect and rapport between all parties will become the strongest asset of the school. True reform will be evinced as administrators, teachers, support staff, and students consistently surpass all expectations set before them for the betterment of the whole.


Culture Manager


      An effective principal will analyze behavioral issues or other areas of concern for their school’s environment.  Principals need to strictly enforce the established policies and strive to maintain a safe, healthy environment in which all students can learn.  Instead of changing all of the instructional practices already in place, new principals can make efforts to preserve those great skills and strive to polish those areas that are ineffectively dull.


Community Builder


      An effective principal will strive to create and nurture community partnerships in as many ways as possible.  I want all students to feel appreciated, safe, and valued. To take this further, I would want all of our students to feel a sense a pride in their community as they achieve success in the classroom and transition into each of their future endeavors.  A principal can be successful if they preserve those customs that embellish the school culture and get students excited about learning. Students that feel important, valued, and like they are an integral part of a rich tradition of success, is a sign of a lucrative principal career.

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