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Ten Things Parents Can Do to Prepare for KCCT

Ten Things Parents Can Do to Prepare for KCCT

Ten Things Parents Can Do To Prepare for KCCT

    1.  Know what days the tests are scheduled in your school district.
    2.  Schedule student appointments and trips that don’t conflict with the testing period. It’s important that your child be in school to take the tests.

    3.  Be positive. Encourage your child to take the test seriously and do his or her best. Explain to them that the results not only reflect upon their school and teachers, but also on their level of performance.

    4.  Check for information from your child’s school about test preparation and anything else that may be helpful prior to taking the tests, such as practicing with sample questions.

    5.  Make sure your child gets a good night’s rest - at least eight hours of sleep -- before each test day.
    6.  Make sure your child eats a healthy breakfast that includes protein and excludes sugary food the morning of each test day.

    7.  Tell your child to listen carefully to the instructions and to ask questions if he or she doesn’t understand. Encourage them to be relaxed, think positive and be confident that they will do well.

    8.  Remind your children to carefully read the test questions and to not rush through a test. If there is time, remind them to check their answers.

    9.   Discuss any concerns or anxieties your child may have about the tests. If you have serious concerns or questions, call your child’s teacher, principal or guidance counselor.

    10.  On the test days, dress your children comfortably and avoid any unnecessary distractions. Get them to school on time, give them a hug and wish them good luck.

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