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Information Regarding School Closures

School Closures

School Closings

How do school officials determine school closures for inclement weather?

Members of the Transportation Department, known as “spotters,” monitor the 
conditions of county roads by driving them multiple times. The spotters are
experienced bus drivers. The Director of Transportation and the Superintendent
also inspect roads in the county. Officials are in contact with the National Weather
Service, the Kentucky State Police, local meteorologists, and the Highway Department
to make an informed decision about closing schools. The decision is made conservatively
to ensure student safety

When is delayed start times for inclement weather considered?

A delay of start time may be used when more time is needed to determine the condition of
the roads throughout the county or to give the roads time to clear off. 

Why not snow routes?

A snow route is an alternative transportation route that includes picking children
up at designated locations around main roads, rather than picking them up from
their individual homes.

The challenge in implementing such routes is supervision of students on busy main
roads while waiting for buses. There is also concern as to whether parents can pick
up children at the designated time and place of the snow route bus stop. Again, the
safety of children is of primary interest.

Why do Monroe County Public School officials wait until 5:45 A.M. to call off school?

Keeping schools open is a priority for the district; however, student safety is always a
top consideration. Some weather calls are obvious, such as when there are inches
of snow on the ground the night before. At other times, officials want to allow time to
see if the weather clears.

If the weather forecast is marginal, officials wait until the approximate time when
buses begin routes to make a decision. This means spotters and school officials
drive roads in the early morning to get a feel for road conditions at 5:45 A.M. If they
think the roads are safe, there will be school. If not, school is cancelled at 5:45 A.M.

What happens in the weather becomes severe during the school day?

It may become necessary to dismiss students one or two hours earlier than normal, in
the case of severe weather. Information on road conditions is received from the
Department of Transportation and the Kentucky State Police to determine the best time
for early dismissal.  We would not dismiss early if conditions were too dangerous for
our students. 

How can parents be ready?

Parents can prepare for an early dismissal by establishing a procedure for children to
follow. It is important that parents have a back-up transportation plan in case of an
early dismissal. Communicate the plan to the child and school officials.


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