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Savings Account Fundraiser Opportunity


Savings Account Fundraiser Opportunity Through Modern Woodmen of America 

$20 – Initial Deposit
$20 – Bank Match from Modern Woodmen 
$20 – Annual Deposit from Modern Woodmen
$25 – School Donation for TES for everyone who participates! 

How it works…
1. Open a youth savings account for your child through Modern Woodmen with a $20 deposit (your money). The guardian then is sent an email notification for their child to take an online quiz about saving for the future. 
2. Once the quiz (five questions) is completed, the student will receive a $20 deposit into the savings account from Modern Woodmen. 
3. Once the account has been verified as open, Modern Woodmen will then donate $25 per student back to TES. 
4. Every year after the account is open, the guardian will receive another notification telling the student it’s time to take another five question quiz. When the student completes the quiz again, Modern Woodmen deposits another $20 into their account. This can continue through their senior year of high school. 
5. Withdrawals from the account can be taken any time and deposits can be made just as any regular savings account.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our school for more information. 

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