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Monroe County Board of Education featured on Living Well Website

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Monroe County schools step up to the challenge

Sheila Carter helped everyone at the Monroe Co Board of Education get their pedometers ready and working. Earlier this year, she had an area in the building and the distance around the building measured to determine the length of one mile - thirteen laps inside or five laps around the building equal one mile.  When employees complete a mile, they can put a sticker next to their name on a poster board/leader board.  Sheila also has put up several 8x10 posters around the building to encourage people to get up and move. "I played the Rocky theme song yesterday in the afternoon over the intercom and announced for the Monroe 'Believers'  to get stepping on their break.  It worked!" Sheila said. 

Katherine Ford is the front desk clerk.  She is one of the oldest employees in their office, but still walks more than any of the others! Interestingly, she currently waives insurance, but wants to switch to the KEHP insurance next year so she can participate in HumanaVitality.  Sheila said, "Katherine has walked 165 miles since April sixth of this year.  This should be a challenge to all of us!  I wish she was on our team.  We love her."

Photo: Sheila Carter and Katherine Ford

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