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MCSD@Home Frequently Asked Questions



2015-2016 School Year

  1.  Will the Monroe County School District automatically take all 10 days the waiver provides?
    1. No.  We will only use MCSD@Home if we need to miss for snow, sickness, etc.  Therefore, if we have a mild winter and we stay healthy it is possible that we would not need to use any of the MCSD@Home days.
  2. What work does my child have to complete?
    1. The MCSD@Home packets were sent home with elementary students on Monday, November 16th, 2015.   Monroe Middle and Monroe High School student’s packet was mailed home on November 16th as well.  The packets include all lessons needed for all ten days (if needed), instructions and lesson directions are included as well.
  3. What if I lost my child’s packet?
    1. Detailed directions are listed on the MCSD@Home link on the district website at
    2. Student can get another packet from their school.
  4.  Can my child work ahead on the packet before we have a MCSD@Home Day?
    1. Yes, students may work ahead if they wish.  They need to wait until we have a MCSD@Home day before they turn their work in to their teacher.
  5.  We do not have an internet connection.  What will my child do?
    1. There are four options for your child to choose that do not require an internet connection.
  6. How will we know we are having a MCSD@Home day?
    1.  The One Call announcement will give specific directions and details informing you.
  7. Does my child have to complete all of the lessons?
    1. Students only complete TWO total lessons per MCSD@Home day. Students are to choose ONE lesson from the top row and ONE lesson from the bottom row to complete.
  8. What happens if I lose my packet?
    1. All lessons and packet information is located on the MCSD@Home link on the Monroe County School District’s website: You may also call you school and they will send home another copy if needed.
  9. Will my child get credit for school on a MCSD@Home day?
    1. If the students completes the work and turns it into the teacher they will be counted as present and participatory for the school day.
  10. What do I do if I need help?
    1. You can call any of the schools your child attends, you can also call the Monroe County Board of Education (270-487-5456) or you can email your child’s teacher. All email addresses for the employees of the Monroe County School District are as follows:


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