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MCSD@Home Information


How can I find the student packet if I have misplaced it?

-All MCSD@Home day student packet information can be found un the “MCSD@Home” link on any of the school’s or district’s website.  (


If my child needs help, what number do I call?

MCHS             270-487-5517

MCMS            270-487-9625

Falcon Academy    270-487-6181

GES            270-457-2341

JHC            270-487-5621

TES            270-487-6472

District Office        470-487-5456


Is there a guide to the MCSD Packet?  Click link below.


Can my child work ahead on the packet before we have a MCSD@Home Day?

-Yes, students may work ahead if they wish. They need to wait until we have a MCSD@Home day before they turn their work in to their teacher.


We do not have an internet connection. What will my child do?

-There are four options for your child to choose that do not require an internet connection.


How will we know we are having a MCSD@Home day?

-The One Call announcement will give specific directions and details informing you.


Will my child get credit for school on a MCSD@Home day?

-If the students completes the work and turns it into the teacher they will be counted as present and participatory for the school day.


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