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ATC Industry Certification Update

ATC Industry Certification Update

ATC Industry Certification Update

Hello, we want to provide an update of Industry Certification attainment—ESPECIALLY MNA updates.  For the most part, we are still awaiting approval to move forward with preparations and proctoring.  This means that you will not be able to attain the certification prior to graduation; but we are still hopeful that you will get to come in and complete what you have worked hard towards earning and are willing to help make that happen as soon as we get permission. 

At this time, ATC instructors are not allowed to work directly with students and holds have not been lifted on test proctoring.  In order to move forward, Governor Beshear and Education Commissioner Brown must provide approval.  The Office of Career and Technical Education has requested approval and expect to hear something soon.  All of the ATC instructors have saved calendar days in order to have time to assist students once approval is granted. 

Here is a breakdown by program based on what we know today:

Automotive—ASE testing deadline September 30th

Business—pending state approval

Carpentry—pending state approval

Electricity—pending state approval


Wood Manufacturing—some are already completed, others pending state approval

Health SciencesPhlebotomy & Pharmacy—Home Based Proctoring allowed by NHA pending state approval

MNA—As the nursing home and the ATC aren’t options to complete clinical hours at the present time, SKYCTC has opened their doors permitting us (and this is allowed) to come onto their Bowling Green campus to complete the 16 clinical hours.  You must provide your own transportation.  

Senior Options: 

  1. Any senior who wishes to earn dual credit by completing the program has permission to go on SKYCTC’s campus to complete the required 16 hours.  The dates SKYCTC has provided to us are June 22nd and 23rd.  After successfully completing the hours, you will earn the dual credit  and you may sign up to take the MNA exam on SKYCTC’s campus. 
  2. If you choose not to complete the clinical hours or can not go to Bowling Green to do this, SKYCTC requires you to Withdraw (W) from the course as clinical hours are a required-non-negotiable component of this dual credit course.  Please submit your request to withdraw to me immediately at Jerri.Rowland@Monroe.KYSchools.US –an email stating that you choose to withdraw from MNA rather than complete the dual credit requirements will suffice.

Junior Options: 

  1. You may complete clinical hours on June 22nd and 23rd as well (if there is room) and then schedule to test on SKYCTC’s campus.
  2. You have the option to withdraw from this current course at no cost to you and without the loss of this scholarship AND to then retake the class in the 20-21 school year utilizing the scholarship. 
  3. Or, Juniors have the option to withdraw all together at no cost. 


*Please note that it is very important that you do complete the clinical hours if you choose that option rather than withdrawing.  If you take the incomplete with the plans of completing requirements and then do not complete the hours, the incomplete (I) turns into an F on your college transcript.  And, again, if you want to withdraw, please send the request to my email.

*If you would like to complete the clinical hours at Bowling Green but June 22nd and 23rd doesn’t work for you, please contact me so that we can check on a possible makeup date.

*And, if the state permits the ATC to host clinicals by the date, we will do that instead.  We just don’t want you to lose the opportunity for dual credit and certification and this is our best option at the current time.

-Jerri H. Rowland, Principal of Monroe County ATC

Contact me at 270-487-8261 (ATC), 270-487-1407 (home) or Jerri.Rowland@Monroe.KYSchools.US

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